Day Two Hundred Eleven

After briefly visiting the Thorn Creek Nature Preserve last week, I knew I wanted to go back.  My husband, off work today, suggested we walk there today.  Last week, when my son and I visited, the place was eerily quiet. Today, however, when we drove up, there were at least a dozen workers in the wildflower section in the front (we later learned we were visiting on Volunteer Day, but weren’t volunteering–oops).

We had a really nice walk through the woods.  We especially liked “Pine Plantations,” rows of red and jack pines, planted by farmers in the 1950s.

Thorn Creek

After our walk, we looked through the nature center, an old church moved from nearby Park Forest.   While we were inside, the volunteers had heard a barn owl in a nearby tree. We stuck around for awhile waiting for him to show himself, but, unfortunately, he never did.  Maybe some other time!

Good day, good walk!


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