Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Masterpiece of Nature:  Timing is Everything

We took one of our special walks yesterday.  By “special” I mean:

  • we drove out of our immediate area to explore someplace new
  • we successfully got to our intended destination, or were so pleasantly surprised by a slightly alternative version of our destination, that we almost forgot about the original
  • external influences such as temperature and precipitation–often referred to together as “weather”–did not negatively affect our enjoyment of the walk
  • external influences of a buggy nature, such as mosquito bites, bee stings, or “buzzy-fly” noises in my autistic son’s ears did not negatively affect our enjoyment of the walk
  • external influences of an auditory nature, such as dogs barking at us from backyards along a trail or poorly trained ones on passing leashes, did not negatively (again, having to do with my son’s autism spectrum disorder) affect the walk
  • passing snakes or coyotes were just as content as we were to just keep moving in the opposite direction (we’ll put poison ivy, oak, and sumac in this category too–all have, thankfully, left us alone)
  • we saw something special:  a new (well, new for us) bird, interesting art, a cool bridge, or something that simply affected one of us in some way.

In addition to a great pedestrian bridge, something on yesterday’s walk struck me–a tree.


This tree, with some storied past of reaching sideways toward the sun, appears to be now in its final stages of life, mostly leafless but beautiful, bathed in sunlight in an otherwise shaded forest.  I felt lucky to have seen it.

Timing is everything.


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