Day One Hundred Ninety-nine

Parking Restrictions

Our town, like many suburban towns, restricts where and when people can park their cars.  This seems especially true near commuter train stations (which is our entire downtown area).  No one wants to have commuters parking all day for free in front of businesses and at the library; those spots are for patrons, and I appreciate being able to park in front of these places when I need to.

I’ve heard that local businesses find some of these rules overly restrictive forcing employees to shuffle cars around during the day or pay fines.  I have also seen school volunteers at the grade school getting parking tickets after working at school for longer than the posted two or four hour time limit.  The school has since increased the size of their parking lot and also has parking permits for employees that park on the street.

We also have no parking overnight (2:00 to 6:00 AM) on village streets. We accidentally left one of our cars on the street overnight after a late evening of shooting baskets earlier this summer. Luckily, no officer patrolled our street that night, because we did not receive a ticket.

Our town does allow occasional commuter parking in one section of the library lot.  My husband uses these spots every once in awhile to save time when he needs to get to a meeting.  Today was one of those days, and he drove off for the 6:45 train.  There was a problem though–the spots allow parking only after 8:30 AM, so I got a call to walk up and get the car using an extra key.  I did. Later, I walked home after putting the car back during the allowable hours.

Although it was good to have something forcing me to do some walking on this hot day, it all was for naught, because my husband’s meeting was cancelled.  At least he got to drive home after work instead of walking in the heat!


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