Day One Hundred Ninety-seven

Walk-Alternative Fail?

Another hot and sticky day has me postponing my walk until evening.  But when I decided that my son could use an evening trip to the pool, I thought that maybe I could walk there, like in the water.  I’ve read that walking in water is good exercise. Why not give it a try?

Because it looks a little silly on a hot, crowded day at the pool.

When we arrived at the pool, it was more crowded than usual, but right away I noticed someone walking, arms pumping determinedly back and forth–around the kids playing and around the adults lazily floating on their backs trying to cool off.

Although I tried to convince myself that I would’ve looked more nonchalant while walking in the pool, the other walker would have certainly noticed me going back and forth, back and forth. I decided to tread water in the diving well instead and nonchalantly did so for most of the time we were at the pool.

That counts, right?

Good day, good treading.


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