Day One Hundred Ninety-one

Taking a Different Route

I can see this picture in my head.

I’ve been trying to experiment with some different settings on my camera, trying to take more control of my pictures.  Once in awhile, I’d like to decide how to capture image and light instead of always letting the camera do everything.  I am imagining the perfect photograph of my son swinging beneath a blue sky with puffy white clouds. The sky would be crystal clear, but he would be blurred, because of his motion and my skills as a photographer. Not surprisingly, that picture is still stuck in imagination land.

Nothing went as planned.  I had trouble finding an empty park or playground with a nice tall swing set. (I was looking for a vacant park because my son’s autism makes him hyper-sensitive to crying toddlers.  Also, if I’m going to be lying on the ground under a swing set taking pictures, I’d rather no one be there either.)  Finding a deserted park or playground on a summer evening, especially proved to be difficult.

For the past two nights, we drove around to the various parks and playgrounds in town, but all were occupied with families (and toddlers) and tweens enjoying the warm evenings. This evening, we tried again, and the first playground was empty!  The sky was even blue with a few white puffy clouds–perfect!  Even the weather had cooled a bit, making it a lovely, comfortable evening.

I was a little concerned about the tricky lighting.  Although the sun was still up and the sky bright, it was late, and the playground was entirely in the shade by the time we got there after our late dinner.  I decided not to worry too much about it, and my son gladly started swinging.  I laid down and snapped picture after picture from under the swing.

I had no idea what I was doing.

IMG_0610(This is actually one of the better pictures.)

After I got up off the ground and my husband brushed all of the wood chips off my back, we had a good chuckle swiping through dozens of white sky, blurry butt, and crooked photos as our son played on the playground.  When he was done playing, my husband took him and my new camera to the car and headed home.  I walked.

I had a delightful walk.  I don’t usually walk in this neighborhood and enjoyed the change of scenery.  As I walked, I vowed to myself that I will head to the library tomorrow for a photography book!

Good day, good walk!


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