Day One Hundred Eighty-eight

Chicago Lakefront-South

After hearing recently that George Lucas (yes, of Star Wars’ fame) and his new wife, Mellody Hobson (yes, of TV financial-adviser fame), had their wedding reception at Promontory Point, I thought, “Hey, that might be a good place for a walk!”

Today, we drove up to Hyde Park, a south-side Chicago neighborhood, for a walk along Lake Michigan.  Although I’ve lived in the area for over twenty-five years, I’ve never walked along the lakefront south of Soldier Field.  This area has been redone over the past few years, and it’s really quite lovely.

Lake Shore Path-SouthWe really enjoyed the views of the downtown Loop to the north and the Museum of Science and Industry to the south as we walked.  There was also some nice public art, beautiful wildflowers, and even a butterfly posed for me along the trail.

We would have liked to have walked longer, but it was hotter than we expected.  I guess we’ll just have to go back!

Good day, good walk!


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