Day One Hundred Eighty-six

Bluebirds and Turkey Vultures

My husband’s office decided to close on this awkward, but wonderful, day between the Independence Day holiday and the weekend.  After a morning of lying about and doing absolutely nothing, we decided to run some errands and take a walk.

My son and I enjoyed walking different parts of the Hickory Creek Preserve on Days 161 and 175, and now my husband wanted to see it too.  Hickory Creek is the largest single preserve in the Will County Forest Preserve District and is a unique mix of forest and prairie and actually has a few hills in our otherwise flat area.

Immediately upon exiting the car, I heard a bird call that I didn’t recognize and saw bluebirds perched at the top a couple of nearby trees.

Hickory Creek 3

The entire time we were walking about one of the preserve’s open prairie sections, there were turkey vultures circling overhead.  As we stopped for a rest at the lovely large picnic area, we saw them come in for a landing.  We wondered how can a creature so homely, be so pretty in flight?


Good day, good walk!


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