Day One Hundred Eighty-five

Independence Day Coyote

We walked this Independence Day in Rubio Woods, part of the Tinley Creek Trail System of the Cook County Forest Preserve.  I visited this same park on Day 144 and just recently on Day 179, walking different portions of the 9.4 mile Red Trail each time.  On Day 144, we had bikers tell us about a coyote they saw on the trail; on Day 179, my son and I saw the coyote for ourselves.

Today, my husband wanted to try to see it, so we went back in the off chance that he could catch a glimpse.  He saw it all right, as it crossed Ridgeland Avenue right in front of our car!  This coyote is certainly not shy.

Thankfully, the coyote was headed in the opposite direction of where we were planning to walk, so we had a nice walk before heading home to get ready for the evening’s fireworks!

Good Independence Day, good walk!


One thought on “Day One Hundred Eighty-five

  1. Aww, cute! I see coyotes on the edge of the city a lot. I find them to be adorable =) They usually just watch me intently or run away if I’m squealing “awwww. hey there!!” too loud.

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