Day One Hundred Seventy-nine



We were going pretty stir-crazy by the time some of the clouds cleared from this afternoon’s storm, so we packed the umbrellas and hit the road.  It would end up being the kind of walk where we alternated between sunshine and big, heavy raindrops with the umbrellas being hoisted and retracted at least three times over the course of our walk.  But that was okay; it was good to be out walking.

My son and I drove back to where we had walked with my husband on Day 144, at Rubio Woods, of the Tinley Creek system of the Cook County Forest Preserve.  This time though we headed west (clockwise) on the Red Trail.  Most of the portion that we walked today ran next to the Midlothian Turnpike.  We crossed both the Turnpike and Ridgeland, because the trail continued diagonally across the intersection.

It was on this other side that we saw him.

CoyoteThe coyote was much more interested in the other human that was standing in the nearby parking lot than he was in us, but he seemed most interested in getting a little rest, because he just sat there.  Thank goodness too!  I’m not sure what I would have done to fend him off, had he headed our way–used our two mini umbrellas as weapons?  We turned around immediately and got out of there.

I did, however, drive back to that parking lot.  We stayed inside the car (windows up), got out the camera and took a few shots of  Mr. Coyote, before he got bored and trotted of into the woods.

Good day, good walk!


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