Day One Hundred Eighty


Spring Creek Dickcissels

On our way to the Centennial Trail on Day Ninety-six, I noticed a trail that runs under I-355.  I later learned it’s the Spring Creek Greenway Trail and vowed to walk it someday.  Today was that day, and it was a perfect day for a walk.

We parked at The Hadley Valley-Bruce Road Trailhead and walked the eastern half (east of I-355) of the western portion of the trail.  The trail is crushed limestone and obviously used for horseback riding, but we saw no one.  We will definitely want to finish the western end of this quiet rolling prairie trail some time in the future!

Dickcissels and a Goldfinch

The entire time we were walking, we were being serenaded by unfamiliar yellow and black breasted sparrow-like birds, their songs more scratchy than melodic.  We later determined that they were dickcissels and added another new bird to our list!  We also saw several goldfinches and red-wing blackbirds.

Good day, good walk!


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