Day One Hundred Seventy-two

Past, Present, and Future Walks

I only made it out for a quick walk through the neighborhood today, and nothing especially memorable happened along the way.  Instead, my mind wandered to past and future walks.

Today, I took some time to sort through pictures from my walks on the Old Plank Road Trail that I completed walking last week.  I had been taking pictures of all of the trailside mile markers and signs over the course of walking this 20.2 mile trail; I took them mostly to help me keep track of where I’d walked.  Even though the individual pictures themselves aren’t that exciting, as a collection, I find them worthwhile.  Therefore, I have added a page, Along the Trail, to my blog for this and future picture collections

I also spent some time finding a trail in Indianapolis, Indiana, because we’ll be taking a day trip there tomorrow.  Indianapolis and the state of Indiana has done a great job, not just providing trails and walkways, but also providing maps and information about those trails!

 Good day, good walks—past, present, and future!



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