Day One Hundred Sixty-seven

Reclaiming Nature

I always respect a good attempt to bring back plant and animal life to areas where industry has forced them away.  Today’s walk on the Lake George Trail in Hammond, Indiana, is a fine example.

Despite the heavy industry in the area, Forsythe Park along Wolf Lake is a great use of public land with walkways, baseball fields, and fishing spots.  (We did joke though about fish with three eyes, like the ones on The Simpsons, once we had walked past all the folks fishing.)

Lake George

Unfortunately, nature too contributes things that make it hard to get excited about a walk.   Things like heat, humidity, and goose droppings tend to put a damper on a walk too.  So although our walk along Wolf Lake was not a complete bust, I won’t be adding it to My Favorite Walks.   My husband perhaps summed it up best: “I appreciate the effort, but I don’t need to come back here.”

Good day, good walk.


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