Day One Hundred Sixty-eight


I wasn’t sure I’d get a walk in at all today.  My To-Do list took most of my time and attention, so I postponed the walk until evening.  By then, some awfully dark clouds covered the sky and the wind had picked up, so I figured I wouldn’t get a walk in at all before it rained.

But when the Chicago Blackhawks had a second goal scored against them by the Boston Bruins in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I made the split-second decision that it would be a good time for a walk.

The house had a grumpy enough feel because the game was only on the radio (we don’t have cable television), but when the Blackhawks started losing, I decided I’d rather brave a few raindrops than stick around until the Blackhawks hopefully caught up.  So I grabbed the youngest (who’s not a hockey fan–or a fan of any sport, for that matter) and a couple of umbrellas and we headed out into the dusky rainy neighborhood.

I scored with a good walk; the Blackhawks, unfortunately, did not score at all.

Good day, good walk!


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