Day One Hundred Sixty-three

Good to Be Back

I could feel it in the air–the storm everyone was predicting was on its way.  I loved the warm winds gustily blowing the humid air around as my son and I made our way around the Isaac Walton Nature Preserve in Homewood, Illinois, today.

I walked here on a beautiful, yet frigid, Day Two with my youngest son and got disoriented here on a mild Day Ten with my oldest son before he headed back overseas for graduate school.  It was good to be back today.

The wildflowers and grasses were beautiful.  My son seemed to like the walkways and bridges over the wetlands and ponds, as he hadn’t been in this part of the preserve before.

We even came upon a deer on the raised wooden walkway as we rounded a bend before he bounded off into the fields.  Thankfully, he stopped long enough that I could snap his picture.

Isaac Walton

Best of all, we got a walk in before the storms came.


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