Day One Hundred Sixty

I-94 and the Little Calumet

This evening we headed to Northwest Indiana to walk on the northernmost section of the Erie Lackawanna Trail.  My son and I had walked some of this section on a cold, windy, drizzly Day 100.  Today, we walked farther in each direction in perfect weather.

After parking in the giant Cabela’s lot, we walked behind the store and under I-94 through a large tunnel.  My son especially enjoyed this part of the walk and thought the wall along the expressway looked like a giant puzzle; he also really liked the tunnel.

Cabella'sAfter briefly looking around north of the expressway, we headed back towards the Little Calumet River.  The Erie Lackawanna connects here with the Little Calumet River Trail that runs along the river heading west.  (It seems like the Erie Lackawanna Trail and the Little Calumet River Trail are quite enter-twined through this entire area.)

This part of Northwest Indiana has had significant flooding in recent years and is undergoing a large water management construction project, so we only looked around briefly and then headed back to the Erie Lackawanna.

IMG_0352We continued between a retention pond with a few folks fishing and along the river to the east.  It was lovely.  We had a Baltimore oriole fly by us and saw a hummingbird bobbing between flowers along the river.  On a bridge that takes the path around Wicker Park, we saw a groundhog swimming below, with some long leaves in his mouth.  (At first we thought it was a beaver, but decided that it was too small and the the tail was all wrong.)

We were especially impressed by how much this trail was being used by neighborhood families and had several groups bike past us.  What a great way to spend a Sunday evening!

Good day, good walk!


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