Day One Hundred Fifty-nine

A Ride and a Walk

We wanted a change of pace.  Instead of walking today, we loaded up the bikes onto the bike rack and headed back to the Wauponsee Glacial Trail.   We biked this trail back on Day 125 and walked it on Day 146.  We parked at the Sugar Creek Preserve again, but this time crossed Laraway Road and headed south on the crushed limestone trail.

As we crossed Laraway Road and for the first mile or so, we could hear a car or two driving around the Chicagoland Speedway which is just to the west of the trail. The tree-lined trail then heads south/southeast through mostly farmland and crosses two branches of Jackson Creek.
Wauponsee Glacial-bike trailWe rode down to Mile Marker 6, on the outskirts of Manhattan, Illinois, and then headed back.  After we loaded up the bikes, we wanted to take a look around the Sugar Creek Preserve.  We ended up taking, what I would call on any other day, an official walk on the mowed trail through the prairie grasslands.

Sugar Creek Nature PreserveIt was beautiful!  Good day, good ride, good walk!


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