Day One Hundred Fifty-seven


Unfortunately, by the time we ran our errands and bought new much-needed shoes for my son, it had started raining.  My plan to walk at the forest preserve on the way home would have to be done in the rain with only the two mini umbrellas that I had in the car; instead, I came up with another option.

We stopped at the Bartel Grassland (part of the Tinley Creek System of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County).  I hoped to catch site of the yet-to-be-identified blue bird that streaked by as we drove out of the parking lot yesterday.  Today, I planned to sit patiently in the car, with binoculars, until we saw blue or it stopped raining, whichever came first.

Eventually, it did stop raining, but instead of a blue bird, we saw swallows, lots and lots of swallows.  In fact, they put on a show for us near the parking lot on the freshly mowed field.

SwallowThese birds paid me no attention as I stood there with my camera.  I had one swoop so close to me that I reflexively jumped back a bit to get out of its way.

Even though we didn’t really get a walk in, we enjoyed watching these talented flyers!


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