Day One Hundred Fifty-two

Closing a Gap

We made a little bit of progress today on meeting my goal to walk the entire Old Plank Road Trail, a 22 mile trail converted from an old rail line.  I’ve walked this trail rather haphazardly, walking a central portion or a western portion–depending on what I wanted to see or how far I wanted to drive to get there.

Spring, 20134It actually got so tricky to keep track, that I printed a map of the trail and highlighted portions as I walked them. Today I resolved all of that, because we walked the one “island” (where I’ve walked portions both east and west of an unwalked portion) that I had left.

Today, my husband, youngest son, and I walked between Mile marker 15.4 and 14.2 (and back).  This entire portion is in New Lenox, Illinois.  Most of the trail runs between residential areas, but with heavily wooded areas between the trail and the homes.

We were determined enough to get this portion done that we even walked awhile in the rain.  (With the unpredictable weather we’ve had the last few days and the dark clouds to the southwest, we had brought an umbrella.)

OPRT island

Now we only have the Joliet portion of the trail to go!  Good day, good walk!


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