Day One Hundred Forty-six

Guest Photographer

Waubonsie Glacial-North 1

The north end of the Wauponsee Glacial Trail differs so much from the middle section that we visited on Day One Hundred Twenty-five, it’s difficult to believe that it’s the same trail.

Wauponsie-North 4

The Wauponsee Glacial Trail section from that day is surrounded by wide open prairie and farmland with the wind blowing continuously on that flat open land; today’s section is heavily wooded with creeks moving below us, but the air hardly moved between the trees.  The section on that day is narrow, rutty, and made of crushed limestone; today’s section is wide and paved.  On that day we rode our bikes; today we walked.  The two sections of the Wauponsee Glacial Trail may be totally different from each other, but both provided us with a great place to enjoy nature and get some exercise.

Waubonsie Glacial-North 2

Today was different in one other respect.  I handed the camera over to my middle son, a 19 year-old college student who’s home with us for awhile and joined us today.  He did a great job!

Waubonsie Glacial-North 3Good day, good walk!


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