Day One Hundred Forty-five

No Day Thirty-four

It was an awfully gloomy, cold day for the first unofficial Saturday of the summer.  We decided to head to a new trail anyhow and traveled up to the Sag Valley Trail System of the Cook County Forest Preserve.  We picked the Purple Trail, an unpaved trail that runs near and parallel to the Calumet-Sag Channel.   We picked adequately, at best.

My middle son, who joined our normal walking group (my husband, youngest son, and myself), described the trail as a monster truck two-track.  He made a good point.  We figured the trail might be a little wet in spots, but we mostly encountered water-filled monster truck potholes.

Palos Purple TrailWe glimpsed sight of a barge and saw the canal itself a few times, but a row of trees blocked our view of the canal during most of our walk. Luckily, we parked on the opposite side and got a great view of the canal as we crossed it on the 104th Avenue bridge.  We parked along the Saganashkee Slough, which was rather pretty and apparently a good place to fish.

All in all we had a good walk, but I have to admit that we were a little disappointed.  The last time we were up here was on Day Thirty-four, and it was almost magical (easily one of my favorite walks of the year).  It was a clear day with a fresh snowfall.  We lucked into finding a great trail through the woods that took us right above the canal.  That day, I learned that it is possible to have a really nice time, in the winter, outdoors.

I guess I was hoping for another day like that one, but it was still a good day and a good walk.


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