Day One Hundred Forty-three

Ash at Sunset

When I struck out walking at dusk, I was trying to find a good spot to take a sunset picture with my new camera,  so I headed west through my neighborhood.  Alas, I left a bit late and didn’t make it to a clearing in time to catch the sun before it plunged below the horizon.  I still enjoyed the pretty array of colors in the western sky on my way and the darkening blue of the eastern as I walked home.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but notice more dead or dying ash trees in the neighborhood.  Many of these trees are in the parkway (between the sidewalk and the street), and the village hasn’t begun taking them out yet this year.  What complete havoc this emerald ash borer has reeked.Celestial Orbs and Dying Ash Trees

On a brighter note, I got a nice picture of the moon!

Good day, good walk.


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