Day One Hundred Forty-four

Rubio Woods

We had plans to pick up dinner at a favorite barbecue joint tonight.  With some extra time for a walk first, I picked a trail near the restaurant in the Cook Country Forest Preserve.  My husband, youngest son, and I drove to the Rubio Woods picnic and parking area, part of the Tinley Creek Trail System, and headed out on the Red Loop.  This is the longest trail in the Tinley Creek system at 9.4 miles and an obvious favorite with the bicyclists.

The Red Loop snakes around a five or six square mile swath of land, crossing some major roads at various intersections, but we stayed in the corner near the Midlothian Turnpike.  Rubio Woods borders on the towns of Oak Forest and Midlothian.  Once we started walking into the woods and saw all of the oak trees, it was easy to figure out how the town of Oak Forest picked their name.  What a dense collection of oak trees!Rubio Woods


Once we meandered through the woods, the trail opened abruptly on an open meadow spoiled only by the suburban need for electricity.  In other words, a giant row of high voltage transmission lines cut through here*.  It did give us a nice look at the edge of the forest on our way back.

As we drew near our car, two men on bikes came up behind us and stopped.  They asked us if we saw the large coyote near the edge of the woods.  We told them we had not.  They said they were glad they were on bikes and got through the trail quickly, because it was the biggest coyote they had ever seen.  Since we both wanted to see it, we got in our car and drove deeper into the lot, hoping to get a glimpse of it before heading to the restaurant.  No luck on the coyote, but the brisket was tasty!

Good day, good walk!

*I took WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge on this part of  walk.  You can find it here.


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