Day One Hundred Thirty-nine

Walking Towards a Goal


Today, I took more steps toward completing my goal to walk the entire Old Plank Road Trail, a twenty-one mile trail converted from an old rail line.  Although we’ve been biking and walking certain portions of this trail since it opened in 1997, we have always returned to the same six or seven mile section until this year.

One of my goals since I made this New Years’ Resolution is to walk the entire trail one or two miles at a time (and back to the car!).  My husband and youngest son have often joined me on weekends and covered much of this trail with me.  Today, they joined me again as we walked from Mile 13.2 to 14.2 and back.  The entire section that we walked today is in New Lenox, Illinois.  Fortunately, for us in the heat and humidity of the the late afternoon, large portions of the trail run through the shade.

OPT mayThe flowering bushes and trees were still in bloom and, along with the wildflowers, were absolutely lovely.

OPT flowering bushesGood day, good walk!


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