Day One Hundred Forty

Night Walk Photography Lesson

I didn’t get a chance to walk today until the evening.  I thought it might be a good time to take my new camera with me and attempt to take some photos with less than ideal lighting.


Our town has one lit baseball field for night games.  Since I could hear the game from our back yard, I thought that I’d walk toward the lights.  From our house, this means heading first towards the commuter train station to go under the railroad tracks and then through a park with two unlit ball fields.

Park in the Evening


Once at the game, I felt a little conspicuous taking pictures of children that I didn’t know, so I kept my distance.  With my automatic flash
off, my camera kept warning me:  “Flash disabled.  Note:  Dark scenes prone to camera shake.”  Canon is correct.  Combine my efforts to be swift and inconspicuous with the poor lighting, I was prone to making my camera shake, and the photo shows it.

Lesson learned.

My favorite picture of the evening sort of worked.  I took it in the park, along the unlit baseball fields, on my way back home.

IMG_0175Good day, good walk!  Good pictures?



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