Day One Hundred Thirty-eight

IMG_0150Along for the Walk

We waited to walk today until early evening because of the heat.  My husband and two sons joined me on another portion of the Erie Lackawanna Trail in Northwest Indiana.

The Erie Lackawanna, converted from a former rail line, is a nice wide trail that runs southeast-northwest.  We’ve walked it twice before, but on different portions of the trail.

Today, we started just south of where the trail tunnels under Route 30/Lincoln Highway and walked south for a mile or so (and back).  We saw a Baltimore Oriole right after starting out, so I had high hopes that I’d be able to capture all sorts of great bird photos with my new camera.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see many birds at all.  We did see a hawk gliding overhead, a mourning dove perched on a far off branch, and many robins–no red-headed woodpecker or bluebird this time.

IMG_0151My nineteen-year old son didn’t quite understand our new interest in exploring new trails or why we drove thirty minutes to go for a walk, but I think he enjoyed himself anyhow.

I, at least, loved having him along for the walk (and ride).

Good day, good walk!


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