Day One Hundred Twenty-nine

Flowering Bushes (and Weeds)

The lilacs and other flowering bushes are in full bloom and smell wonderful!  As I’m stopping along my walk today, I feel pretty awkward:  it’s bad enough that I’m basically trespassing in unknown neighbors’ yards, hovering with my phone to take pictures of their plants, but now I’m sticking my whole head in for free smells!  I can almost hear it, “Mommy who’s the crazy lady in our front yard?”

Flowering bushes


The violets are also in full bloom.  They are attempting to
take over a few lawns in the neighborhood.  When in bloom, the purple flowers in the grass are rather pretty.  Unfortunately, later in the summer they’ll go back to looking like weeds–broad clumsy leaves in seas of grass.

Good day, good walk!


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