Day One Hundred Twenty-four

Fox River

After picking up some furniture in a nearby town, we seized the opportunity to visit Aurora, Illinois, today and walked on the Fox River Trail. ranks this trail as a top-100 destination trail (in the country).  Although I’ve only been on 1 of the other 99 trails listed, and we only walked about 2 of the trail’s 43 miles today, I see why it was chosen.  It’s a great trail.

Fox River Trail

We parked in downtown Aurora and headed north along the trail which runs right next to the Fox River.  The Fox is still quite high from our heavy spring rains and actually flooded the canoe chute and part of the trail in downtown Aurora.  We enjoyed seeing the falls and watching the river flow so quickly through this area.

Just north of downtown Aurora, even though the area still seemed quite urban, the river bank was active with warblers, and even a tiny snake slithered across the trail in front of my son.  He was startled, but I think he liked seeing it.  A Baltimore oriole serenaded us from above as we walked as well.

We will definitely come back and check out more of this trail.  Good day, good walk!


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