Day One Hundred Twenty-five


Change of Pace

After checking out the Wauponsee Glacial Trail on our way back from another trip, we thought biking this trail might be better than walking it.  So, we put the walking resolution aside for a day, loaded the bikes onto the bike rack, and drove through acres and acres of farmland to tiny Symerton, Illinois.

The Wauponsee Glacial Trail, converted from an unused rail line by the Will Country Forest Preserve, is 21 miles long.  It runs from Joliet, Illinois, south-ish (it has a boomerang-shape to it) to the Kankakee River in Custer Park.

Wauponsee Glacial

The remote part of the trail that we visited runs between farmland on the east and the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie on the west.  Glaciers formed this wide-open, flat stretch of land, and the wind surely did whip through here!  What was strange is that we didn’t even notice the wind until we headed straight into it on our bikes.  It was tiring, but we loved it.  We saw only two cyclists on the trail the entire time we were there and didn’t mind sharing the trail with the birds.

At one point as I was riding, a goldfinch was flying right next to me along the trail, swooping up and down, up and down, singing the whole time.  My husband, behind me, noticed it and told me that I looked like I was in a Disney film.  He was referring to the bird appearing to interact with me and not that he thought I looked like the female leads from Cinderella or Enchanted.  Even so, I liked the comparison.

Good day, good biking!


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