Day One Hundred Ten

Walking and [Not] Photographing Birds with a Camera Phone

My youngest son, my husband, and I donned our winter coats this chilly April morning and headed to Northwest Indiana.  We drove to Griffith and walked a lengthy portion of the Erie Lackawanna Trail.  This trail was originally part of the Chicago & Atlantic Railway, but changed hands (and names) a few times.  For awhile it was part of the Erie Lackawanna Railway, and the trail got its name.Erie Lackawanna 2

The town of Griffith has made the most of their portion of the trail by adding overhead train-station type signs over the trail and large inlaid tile and paver initials in the trail.  It is also a “friendly trail,” my husband commented when the cyclists, runners, and fellow walkers were all pleasant and outgoing.

Erie Lackawanna 1

Near Turkey Creek, my husband pointed out a bird, perched near a suet feeder along a home’s lot line, that he didn’t recognize.  It was a red-headed woodpecker!  I have never seen one of these before, so I was pretty excited.  We also saw some sort of warbler along the ground near the trail–too busy to even notice us.

Regrettably, the digital zoom on my phone’s camera is not the best equipment to document wildlife, and I was unable to get a picture of either bird.  Fortunately though, the camera phone is the one in my pocket when I’m walking, or I’d have no pictures at all!

Good day, good walk!


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