Day One Hundred Six

No Answers, Only Questions

After travelling for several days, I was walking in my own neighborhood again today.  I walked by a really odd tree that I’ve likely driven by hundreds of times and never even noticed.  Nearby stood a second.


What kind of trees are they?  Without leaves yet this season, I’m helpless when it comes to tree identification.  (Actually, I’m pretty illiterate in tree identification–flower and tall grass identification too–at any time of year.  I’m working on it.)

Is there something wrong with these trees? Are they just old?  Are they the same kind of tree, or do they just have the same bumpy problem?  Is it even a problem?

After returning home and doing some research, I’ve been unable to come up with any answers, only another question–what are tree “cankers”?

I’ll stay on this.

Good day, good walk.


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