Day One Hundred Four

Ladies’ Trip in Nashville:  Day Three

Spring, 20132

For our last full day in Nashville, my mom, my sisters, and I spent the morning at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.  I had no idea this place was so huge!  Nine acres of indoor gardens with fountains and an indoor river (with bridges!) took us awhile to explore.

Later, we drove to get a great lunch at Burger Up in the 12 South area of Nashville.  After lunch we walked around the surrounding blocks and all agreed that this vibrant neighborhood (and Burger Up, for that matter) was our favorite.

For our final group activity, later in the afternoon we went walking at the Shelby Bottoms Greenway.  This paved trail is east of downtown Nashville, but along the west bank of the curving Cumberland River.  It connects at the northern end of the trail to the Cumberland River Pedestrian Bridge (which we visited on Day One Hundred Two) and the Stones River Greenway, but we took an unpaved loop near the river and a paved loop through a wetland prairie area instead.

Shelby BottomsWhile walking, I enjoyed seeing local families making use of these great Greenways, and I applaud those who had the vision to make them.  What can be better than spending time with family and moving yourself through beautiful green space?  Not much.

Good day, good walks!


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