Day Ninety-six

Good Spot!

This morning both my husband and youngest son asked me what we were doing today.  They were both referring to our now almost-weekly routine of taking a special walk on Saturday.  Today’s walk was special indeed.

We headed to the Centennial Trail.  We picked up the trail at Schneider’s Passage, in Romeoville, Illinois.  This portion of the trail is in Will County (and part of the Will County Forest Preserve) and crosses into Cook County and then into DuPage County as you head north.  This trail connects with the Illinois & Michigan Canal trail south of Romeoville and other trails at points north and south.

Des Plaines1

I wanted to walk this trail because it features a historic swing bridge that I have been wanting to see.  This bridge is definitely historic (with lots of rust to prove it)!  It was moved here instead of destroyed, because it’s the last of its kind.  In its original location it pivoted (swung) from side to side to let boats by.


There was a strip along both sides of the bridge that was just a steel grate.  My son and I both enjoyed seeing the water underneath us through the grate.  I was especially careful not to drop my phone through this grate when I was snapping pictures!

The trail goes through some heavy woods and then runs along the Des Plaines River as you head north.  We shared the trail mostly with cyclists, but we did see a few walkers.  We really liked this trail and enjoyed walking here today!

Des Plaines2Good day, good walk!


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