Day Ninety

First Quarter Reflections

Since it’s the last day of March and the end of the first quarter of 2013, I’ve been asking myself a few questions today about the first three months of my New Year’s Resolution to walk every day.

First, have I taken an walk every day so far in 2013?  No, I have not exactly walked every day (nor have I walked today).  On the days I didn’t get a walk in, I at least tried to take more steps and keep moving.   I have definitely walked a lot more than I would have without this resolution.  I also have spent significantly more time outdoors.  I have not spent this much time outside in the winter since I was a kid.

Second, what has surprised me about committing to this resolution?  My family has really gotten into this.  When my eldest son was still home on semester break, he asked about walking with me.  On weekends, my husband always inquires about our upcoming walks.  We even planned walks on a recent overnight trip.

The biggest surprise though has to be how my youngest son (who has autism spectrum disorder) seems to really enjoy our walks.  We have been trying to find things to do with him especially now that our older three children are off to college or graduate school.  Many of our weekends have been big open blocks of time at home, because he really does not want to participate in much.  We are also looking for things to do with him to help him expend some of his boundless energy.  Taking him to a quiet trail has been a great way to do this!

Third, what have I learned?  I find myself observing so much more as I walk around my neighborhood–weird, common things like the symmetry in street drains and that every fire hydrant in my neighborhood is apparently different (like snowflakes and fingerprints!).

Fourth, what have I discovered about the world around me?  I had no idea that there were so many interesting places within a thirty minute drive from my home.  I’ve discovered the benefits of county forest preserves, the history of canals and railways, and the unique variety of local sculptures.

Last, what now?  I have 8 of 21 miles of the Old Plank Trail to walk yet.  I have trails I want to try along the Calumet-Sag Channel and the I & M Canal.  I still have acres of the Cook County Forest Preserve to explore; I want to try several trails in the Will and DuPage County Forest Preserves as well.  I better get planning!  Oh, and walking!

Good day, good reflecting!


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