Day One Hundred Seventeen

Friendly and Bird Friendly

After enjoying our walk so much last Saturday morning, my husband, son, and I headed back to the Erie Lackawanna Trail in Northwest, Indiana.  Today, we continued south and walked mostly in Schererville.  This portion of the trail passes near residential areas and farmland.  It also goes under Lincoln Highway through an old tunnel.

Erie Lackawanna 21I decided that this trail is lucky for my bird-watching, because I saw a bluebird for the first time ever today in addition to seeing a red-headed woodpecker for the first time last week.  We also mentioned again what a friendly trail this is with almost all bikers, walkers, and runners greeting us cheerily.

Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Sixteen

No Wind Chill Today!

My youngest son had a half day of school today, and we enjoyed some beautiful weather on our walk.   We went back to the Old Plank Road Trail where we had walked on Day Three, but today we also took the spur off of the main trail that heads north to retail and residential areas.  We encountered some construction work that is, hopefully, only temporary.

OPT Lincoln Mall

It was wonderful to be walking without jackets; when we were here in January, we walked in 16º wind chills!

Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Fifteen

Ducks, Geese, Gulls and Fish


After school, my son and I went for a walk at the Midlothian Reservoir, part of the Forest Preserve of Cook County in the Tinley Creek Trail System.  One side of the U-shaped trail is actually more like a sidewalk set away from busy Cicero Avenue.  Another side of the “U” runs along 167th street, but at least has some trees between the trail and the road. We only walked two sides of the trail.

There were only two other people using the trail, but many folks around the reservoir were either fishing or looking at all of the seagulls, ducks, and geese.  It was a nice afternoon to be outdoors.

IMG_20130425_164251Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Fourteen

Back to a Favorite Spot, AgainI-571

After school, my son and I went walking on the Old Plank Trail, a paved bike and walking trail converted from a railroad line.  Even though I haven’t met my goal yet to walk this entire 21 mile trail, we went back to the most convenient section (which also happens to be my favorite section).  This part of the trail runs under I-57 and goes through a prairie nature preserve and some farmland.

Spring, 20133

I thought that spring would have changed the scenery more from my January blog picture at the top. Instead, I couldn’t help but notice all the puddles due to the record-setting rainfall we’ve received here in the Midwest.

The trail was mostly dry and despite the cool weather, we really had a nice walk.  After a stressful afternoon at school, my son, who has autism spectrum disorder, noticeably relaxed as we walked quietly together with only the birds for company.

Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Twelve


A few weeks ago, I took one of WordPress’ Photography Challenges focusing on color.  I struggled to find any color other than the grays and browns of late winter on my walk that day.  But today, as I walked around my neighborhood, I had no trouble finding color at all (especially if you include white)!

Spring ColorSpring has finally arrived!  Good day, good walk!

Day One Hundred Eleven


We had a large open block of time today, so we headed out to Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois.  I saw Fermilab listed as one of the trails on, but I didn’t really know much about the lab or its grounds.  Despite the trail’s weak reviews, I still thought it would be a fun place to walk, look around, and learn about.


Once we made the hour drive, I have to admit, we had trouble getting our momentum.  Perhaps we just started in a bad spot, but every walkway we tried came to a dead-end or put us onto a road.  We ended up getting back in the car and driving around instead.  (We began to understand the weak reviews, but even more, the lack of reviews.)  We managed to enjoy our outing anyhow.

We still don’t know much about Fermilab.  We did learn that it’s a U.S. Department of Energy facility and research facility for the University of Chicago and Illinois Institute of Technology.  They conduct lecture series and host other events which all sound beyond my elementary understanding of physics!

When we drove towards the eastern exit, we couldn’t help but notice the grazing herd of bison.  The American bison have been on site since the opening in the 1960s and symbolize the connection to the American prairie.  Historically there was concern that the bison were brought in to detect dangerous radiation levels, but this is not the case.

Good day, good outing.