Day Eighty-six

Urban Walk

My youngest son, still on spring break, and I drove into Chicago today and walked across the Loop. My husband took a break from the office and joined us.

East-West Loop

We parked in the Millennium Garage and walked through Millennium Park to catch sight of “Cloud Gate,” a sculpture commonly referred to here as “The Bean.”  I should have known better than to take my son here.  Every time we’ve tried, there is always an unhappy small child or toddler crying in this part of the park, and today was no exception.  We snapped a quick picture and bid a hasty retreat to the urban jungle of honking taxis and business-clad adults–much more tolerable to my son and his autism-caused sensitivities to the sounds of young children.

We met up with my husband on Michigan Avenue and walked west down Jackson Boulevard, walked around the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower), crossed the Chicago River, and then headed back east on Adams to my husband’s office and our car.


Although I think my son prefers the quiet of a forest preserve or converted railroad trail, I do think he enjoyed seeing some different sites like the elevated CTA trains, the giant globe in front of the Willis Tower, and the Chicago River.  I certainly did!

Good day, good walk!


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