Day Seventy-six

Sinister or Just Odd?  Either Way, We’re Outta Here.

My husband, youngest son, and I were looking for a new place to go walking on this mostly sunny Sunday.  I got out my printed maps of all of the south and southwest suburban Cook County Forest Preserves.  We wanted to go somewhere we’ve never been and picked the Sauk Trail Woods of the Thorn Creek Trail System.


When we were parking the car we felt a little uncomfortable, not only because there were only two cars in the parking lot, but there were people sitting in both cars.  We sometimes see people sitting in their cars at these forest preserves, but we usually also see some people getting out of their cars to walk, run, or bike.  This was different; both cars had someone in it, and no one seemed like they were going walking.  We decided to walk anyhow and locked up the car.

The first thing we noticed when we started walking was IMG_20130317_144614how many dead trees were down in the woods.  We noted more of these trees down than at the other locations where we’ve walked.  We discussed why it was poorly maintained–perhaps because it really is far south, even bordering on Will County, or perhaps it just isn’t used heavily.  It was curious, that’s for sure.

IMG_20130317_143827If the parking lot and all of the downed trees were not enough, once we had gone about a half mile, a man came out of the forest.  We were both startled and concerned at this point.  He was not dressed like someone who was exercising or bird watching.  He mumbled something and walked past us.  We kept walking, but also kept peeking back to see what he was doing.  After he turned toward another picnic grove, my husband said, “I think we should go.”  And we did.

Good day, strange walk.


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