Day Seventy-four

My son came home from school today and asked to go to a new restaurant to get dinner.  You have to understand, my son who has high functioning autism, has asked to go to specific places maybe fifteen times in his entire thirteen year life. Needless to say, we almost say “yes” mostly to encourage him to keep asking, and I said “yes” this time as well.

I knew where today’s request came from.  Last Sunday (Day Sixty-nine), on our drive home from our walk at Hickory Creek Junction, we noticed this new gourmet hamburger place, Meatheads, and talked about going there sometime.


We did get burgers tonight from Meatheads, and they were delicious (I had the Californian, my husband had the Texas Ranch, and we’d both recommend them).

Before picking up dinner, my son and I went for a short walk on the Old Plank Road Trail, a bike and walking path converted from an unused rail line.  We walked on a section directly behind the restaurant and about ten miles west of where we had walked the day before.  It was an enjoyable walk despite the light rain.

I love it when a plan comes together:  I could honor my son’s request, go for a walk, and get a delicious burger for dinner all in one neat package.

Good day, good walk, good burgers.


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