Day Sixty-eight


A  Paved Trail and a Tall Tale

Time of walk:  2:15 PM

Temperature:  cloudy 43° (felt like 35°)

Weather:  Mostly cloudy, intermittent drizzle

I could not figure out where would be a good place to walk today.  Every idea I came up with, I had to reject.  Some of Tuesday’s large snowfall had melted, but any walkways that hadn’t been cleared would still be slushy and slippery.  We needed some place that would have enough pedestrian traffic that plowing would have been a necessity.

I was flipping through the channels this morning and stopped at the local PBS station.  They were airing a Geoffrey Baer tour documentary on Chicago’s South Suburbs.  They showed Governor’s State University (GSU) along with its Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park.  Aha, our walking destination problem was solved!


My husband, youngest son, and I headed to GSU hoping for a paved path in the sculpture park.  (Only one side of the park was paved, but we still had a nice walk.)  We’ve been to GSU many times, because they have the area’s only performing arts facility, and it’s a nice auditorium.  Our daughter, who danced for years, had her biannual recital/dance productions at this facility.  Despite the many visits though, we’ve never really walked around until today.

We walked along Alumni Path, a long paved path that cuts from the main buildings to the Metra Electric train station–a much shorter route than the roadway.  Part of this path goes along the edge of the sculpture park.  We saw some fun stuff, and our feet stayed relatively dry!

Sculpture 2

Paul Bunyon

Good day, good walk!


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