Day Sixty

Walking in My Son’s Shoes

It was parent visitation at school today.  Now, if my son was an average student that told me even a few things that happened during the course of a school day (and not a special education student with autism who tells me absolutely nothing), I would’ve thought that a half-day with parents roaming the halls and a strangely reconfigured schedule would be a waste of valuable learning time.

Instead, at least for me (and my son), the time was indeed valuable.  I learned so much:

  • Being in a loud, chaotic environment is obviously hard for him; it’s no wonder he needs significant time to decompress every day after school.
  • The school and teachers really do their best to accommodate him.
  • It’s time to go non-green and send paper lunch bags; it was a pain keeping track of his lunch bag all afternoon.  He has enough to worry about.
  • His paraprofessional one-on-one aide is a saint.

Good day, good walk.


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