Day Fifty-six

Sounds Along the Way

Time of walk:  1:30 PM

Temperature:  42°

Weather:  Sunny

The bright sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures made it easy to go for a walk around my neighborhood today!  I noticed the melting snow right away, of course, but I also heard the accompanying constant drip drip coming from downspouts and drainage grates in the street.  I  decided to listen to all the other sounds around me as I walked.

I heard a couple of idling cars at the Post Office and library (despite the village’s anti-idling campaign).  I heard cardinals, robins–earlier in the season than usual, and a woodpecker.  I also heard a crow far off in the distance.  I thought about the Nature episode I saw on PBS last week about how smart crows are.

IMG_20130225_140450Unfortunately, a passing car radio interrupted the natural sounds at one point, but it faded quickly.

A couple of times, I heard rustling leaves as I passed the occasional oak tree.  I’ve never been patient enough to plant or nurture an oak tree of my own, so I had never really noticed that they hang on to their brown leaves all winter until I started walking regularly this year.

Good day, good walk.


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