Day Fifty-four

Walk down Memory Lane

It was a busy Saturday.  One of our college kids was in town for a swim meet again, and he was able to spend the night with us before rejoining his team at the pool on Saturday morning.  Between driving to the University of Chicago twice and having a sore back, the official walk just did not happen.  I did get an email from my sister in the afternoon though that took me for a different type of walk.

Last year, I had digitized most of my dad’s slides as a gift for my mom.  I did the whole set (somewhat crudely) first myself, by taking a picture of them in front of a light box and then posting them on Picasa.  I gave my three sisters and mom the link and asked them to pick out some pictures to have professionally scanned.  My sister had a question which had me looking through the pictures again.

I have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed having these pictures online and on my computer.  I can take a walk down memory lane anytime or anywhere.

childhoodGood childhood, good walk–just of a different sort!


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