Day Fifty-three

We ended up back at the pool at The University of Chicago for another swim meet, and I didn’t have much time for a walk.    I was able to park for free and walked a ways from and to my car.  The City of Chicago has reconfigured a bike lane and put it between the parking lane and the curb:


I would guess this bike lane would be a nice addition for the cyclists–being away from the moving lane of traffic.  However, as a passenger I’m not sure I would think to look between my car and the curb for bikes before getting out of my car and heading to the curb.  As a driver, I was surprised by a cyclist (and cut her off) as I was trying to see around the parked cars to pull out into traffic.  It’s still not a perfect situation for the bikers, but I would guess it’s better.

Good day, good walking.


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