Day Forty-two


Garbage Day

Time of walk:  12:00 PM

Temperature:  33° F (felt like 15°)

Weather:  Cloudy, 35 mph winds (gusts up to 50 mph)

My husband takes the job of putting out the weekly garbage quite seriously.  He always makes certain that our cans don’t sit out too long, and that our recycling is sorted properly with the newspapers and magazines neatly stacked in a paper bag.  On windy days he takes care to make sure the cans, the garbage, and the recycling don’t blow all over the neighborhood.  (I’m not quite sure how he does this, but it works.)

When we received large new garbage and recycling containers from our disposal company six weeks ago, my husband was excited as both containers were larger and heavier than what we were using previously.  Every Sunday night since then, he can barely contain his enthusiasm for these equipment improvements.

Since the new recycling container is so much larger than the old bins, we have been instructed to only put them out every-other week for pick-up–which adds another exciting layer of intrigue for my husband.  And yes, we all give him a hard time about how seriously he talks about all of this.

With today’s extreme winds, I saw dozens of tipped garbage cans on parkways, driveways, and even two on the street as I walked around my neighborhood.  Actually, the new bins stayed put better than the old ones which would have been rolling and blowing all over the neighborhood for the day.  I couldn’t help but think how my husband will excitedly talk garbage over dinner tonight.

It’s good after twenty-seven years of marriage, the guy still cracks me up.

Good day, good walk.


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