Day Thirty-nine


Icy. Only Fell Once.

Time of Walk:  1:00 PM

Temperature:  30° F (felt like 24°)

Weather:  Mostly cloudy

Today, instead of planning my walk around my day (like yesterday), I planned my day around my walk, and it felt like I got a lot more done!

IMG_20130208_131919I headed back to the Old Plank Road Trail (a converted rails-to-trails bike and walking path) and walked east between Miles 8.3 and 7.4 (and back).  I parked near a public park in a residential area which connects with the trail.  This section of the trail is rather wooded as it goes above Hickory Creek.

Things were rather icy after yesterday’s rain and today’s cold front (our minor little piece of the East Coast’s big blizzard).  After slipping and gracefully falling slightly, I walked more on the shoulder of the trail than the trail itself, but it was lovely.

Good day, good walk.

Still encouraging dog owners to clean up after their dogs–one blog at a time:



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