Day Thirty-six

Surprises Along the Way

Time of Walk:  4:00 PM

Temperature:  32° F (felt like 25°)

Weather:  Mostly cloudy

My son seems to have really enjoyed our walks lately, so we went after school together today.  I enjoyed having him along, and I think the fresh air and exercise is good for him.

We walked east between Mile Markers Six and Five (both ways) on the Old Plank Road Trail.  The OPRT is a twenty-plus mile long paved bike and walking trail converted from an unused railroad line.

IMG_20130205_160442The segment we were on today goes through residential areas and near an industrial park.  There’s an empty strip of land between the path and the industrial park that has city water, like sewer access and fire hydrants, but it appears to have never been developed further than that.  In addition to man-hole covers and fire hydrants in the middle of nowhere, we saw other surprises like the remnants of a outdoor winter party, a discarded computer monitor, and two pair of kids’ shoes hanging in the trees.

OPT Surprises

Despite all of the strange sightings, we still had a really nice time.

Good day, good walk.


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