Day Fifty-seven

Slush and a Special Election

Time of walk:  4:00 PM

Temperature:  34° F (felt like 25°)

Weather:  Snow/Ice/Rain mix

I went walking today in my slush-covered neighborhood.  I walked to the bank and to my local polling place to vote in a special election primary. (Yes, I live in Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s Congressional district.)  I don’t care to go into politics or the legal issues of this situation.  However, as I walked up to vote, I was frustrated with the costs of this special election, especially since we just had an election in November.  Such a waste.



At least it gave me a walking destination.

Good day, good walk.

Day Fifty-six

Sounds Along the Way

Time of walk:  1:30 PM

Temperature:  42°

Weather:  Sunny

The bright sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures made it easy to go for a walk around my neighborhood today!  I noticed the melting snow right away, of course, but I also heard the accompanying constant drip drip coming from downspouts and drainage grates in the street.  I  decided to listen to all the other sounds around me as I walked.

I heard a couple of idling cars at the Post Office and library (despite the village’s anti-idling campaign).  I heard cardinals, robins–earlier in the season than usual, and a woodpecker.  I also heard a crow far off in the distance.  I thought about the Nature episode I saw on PBS last week about how smart crows are.

IMG_20130225_140450Unfortunately, a passing car radio interrupted the natural sounds at one point, but it faded quickly.

A couple of times, I heard rustling leaves as I passed the occasional oak tree.  I’ve never been patient enough to plant or nurture an oak tree of my own, so I had never really noticed that they hang on to their brown leaves all winter until I started walking regularly this year.

Good day, good walk.

Day Fifty-five


Time of Walk:  11:30 AM

Temperature:  34° F (Felt like 39°)

Weather:  Sunny

After two days of unofficial walks, there was no cheating today!  My husband, my youngest son, and I headed back to the Old Plank Trail, a bike and walking path converted from an unused rail line.  We walked from approximately mile 10.2 to mile marker 11.0 and back.

IMG_20130224_120125What a lovely walk we had.  There was not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature was delightful for February.  It would have been a perfect walk but for the three tethered, unattended dogs that startled us by barking loudly as we walked on the trail behind their homes.  My son, who has autism and is bothered by barking, held himself together really well, and I’m proud of him.

Good day, good walk!

Day Fifty-four

Walk down Memory Lane

It was a busy Saturday.  One of our college kids was in town for a swim meet again, and he was able to spend the night with us before rejoining his team at the pool on Saturday morning.  Between driving to the University of Chicago twice and having a sore back, the official walk just did not happen.  I did get an email from my sister in the afternoon though that took me for a different type of walk.

Last year, I had digitized most of my dad’s slides as a gift for my mom.  I did the whole set (somewhat crudely) first myself, by taking a picture of them in front of a light box and then posting them on Picasa.  I gave my three sisters and mom the link and asked them to pick out some pictures to have professionally scanned.  My sister had a question which had me looking through the pictures again.

I have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed having these pictures online and on my computer.  I can take a walk down memory lane anytime or anywhere.

childhoodGood childhood, good walk–just of a different sort!

Day Fifty-three

We ended up back at the pool at The University of Chicago for another swim meet, and I didn’t have much time for a walk.    I was able to park for free and walked a ways from and to my car.  The City of Chicago has reconfigured a bike lane and put it between the parking lane and the curb:


I would guess this bike lane would be a nice addition for the cyclists–being away from the moving lane of traffic.  However, as a passenger I’m not sure I would think to look between my car and the curb for bikes before getting out of my car and heading to the curb.  As a driver, I was surprised by a cyclist (and cut her off) as I was trying to see around the parked cars to pull out into traffic.  It’s still not a perfect situation for the bikers, but I would guess it’s better.

Good day, good walking.

Day Fifty-two

Beauty in Everyday Things

Time of Walk:  2:30 PM

Temperature:  27° F (felt like 19°)

Weather:  Cloudy

Today when I was walking in my neighborhood, I tried to look for things that I usually don’t notice.  I decided that not only are drainage grates something that I take for granted until they’re clogged, they also have a certain beauty in their symmetry.

DrainageOne thing: it’s a little tricky getting street photos, with cars and all, hence the stray picture of my foot!

Good day, good walk!