Day Thirty

IMG_20130130_123604So Many Geese

Time of Walk:  12:30 PM

Temperature:  41° F (Felt like 34°)

Weather:  Mostly cloudy and windy

On the headphones:  “Alt-mom” (This is an official music genre named by my nineteen year-old son.  Today it included Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons, Kings of Leon, and Bombay Bicycle Club.)

Today’s walk through my neighborhood was more of a zigzag from sidewalk to street to sidewalk in an effort to avoid flooded areas and large puddles.  I didn’t realize we had received such significant amounts of rain!

I walked by the back of my youngest son’s junior high today and took the picture above.  Unfortunately, the Canada geese have congregated in that giant puddle.  (By the way, I’ve always wanted to call them “Canadian” geese, but I realize that’s incorrect.  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part that if they’re “Canadian” geese, then we can somehow talk Canada into taking them back.)

Anyone who knows me is probably tired of hearing me rant about the large number of Canada geese that gather at schools, golf courses, malls, and business parks.  Not only do they leave their waste everywhere, but they can get downright nasty to be around.

In the spring, our local high school has gone so far as to put a fake coyote on the roof to deter Canada geese, because the geese were attacking students near walkways and entrances.  The golf courses around here have tried alternate strategies from hiring dogs to bark at the geese to sneaking into their nests and shaking the eggs, which prevents the eggs from hatching and fools the mothers into not laying more right away.

I read about New York and other cities fighting their Canada geese problems in a Time Magazine article.  New York’s biggest problems are near their airports.  Remember “Sully” landing in the Hudson?  Blame a flock of Canada geese from Nova Scotia.  They actually ran DNA tests to determine where those geese were from!

I also read that each Canada goose poops up to a pound a day.  Eww.  And there are so many of them…

Good day, good walk.


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