Day Twenty-nine


Time of walk:  2:00 PM

Temperature:  59° (felt like 53°)

Weather:  Cloudy and windy

On the headphones:  audio book, The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan

This feels like Monday all over again, I know.  Another busy day, so I just walked around my neighborhood.  I went a little farther than yesterday though.  I also took a picture today–of two trees on a corner lot (above).

One of the trees bends east (on the north/south street) and the other bends west (on the east/west street).  I thought it was interesting and have never noticed them before.

Today on my audio book, I read about growing wheat in “No Man’s Land.”  This was not an easy task considering that they were pumping water from underground aquifers that used windmill power.  But when the U.S. government guaranteed $2 per bushel of wheat to be shipped to Europe during the early days of World War I, they turned over even more prairie grass and grew more wheat.

There were warnings not to do this, of course.  The author mentions John Wesley Powell, a one-armed Civil War veteran who warned that farming in this region would be destructive.  He sure looks like a genius now!

Good day, good walk.


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