Day Twenty-seven

Umbrellas, Deer, and Beating the Sleet


Time of walk: 1:15 PM

Temperature:  31° F (Felt like 24°)

Weather:  Cloudy

“The ice storm cometh!” the weather forecasters have been saying for days about this afternoon.  We, thankfully, were able to get our walk in just before the rain-sleet mix started, but we took umbrellas with us just in case.

Today, we went to one of the Cook Country Forest Preserves.  These giant swaths of land, totaling 68,000 acres spread out all over Cook County, Illinois, were set aside to preserve forests, prairies, and wetlands from being developed.  Not all of the areas have trails and walkways, but there are 300 miles of marked trails for biking and walking.  Cook County did this well!


The 1.5 miles of trail that we walked today is actually somewhat hilly (unusual in this very flat area).  It’s mixed woods and prairie and is adjacent to the George W. Dunne National Golf Course, which is also part of the forest preserve.

Our son sure enjoyed the walk today, getting ahead of us at the beginning and wanting to go further when we decided it was time to go.  Walking with him has been an unexpected joy of my New Year’s Resolution.

FP-127 2

As we were getting in our car to leave, we saw a small herd of deer crossing the trail where we had been a few minutes before.  Pretty cool.

Good day, good walk!


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