Day Twenty-one

My new Android AccuWeather® app displayed a red 11° (Fahrenheit) at 10:00 this morning.  I put the free version of this app on my phone yesterday, and I decided I like it much better than the other weather apps I’ve tried–especially on a day like today.


The red numbering was alerting me of a wind chill advisory.  The app also gave a RealFeel® temperature of -5° F.  These dangerously low readings determined that I would not be heading out on some trail for my walk today.  I also didn’t know if I’d be able to get to the treadmill either, so I’d have to figure out something else.

At the very least I could make an effort to increase my step count when I ran my errands, as I’d be stopping at several stores.  Therefore at each store, I parked as far away from the entry doors as I could, secured my hood, and my son and I trudged in.


Because of my extreme dislike of door-dings, I make it a parking lot policy to park along the outer edges of the cars, where I am able to leave an empty space or two between the surrounding cars and mine.

Today though, with the stores and lots empty due to the cold and the MLK holiday, it felt like my son and I passed up hundreds of empty parking spots on each of the bitterly cold hikes between the car and the store doors.  I did wonder too, if the people in the passing cars questioned what we were doing walking in from the lots’ hinterlands!

Good day, good “walk.”


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